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News video games 14 January 2022, 12:25

author: Miriam Moszczynska

Starfield Collector's Edition May Include Smartwatch

Starfield collector's edition promises to be interesting. A manual for the Chronomark smartwatch, which will most likely be included in the set, can be found online.

  1. One of Reddit users found a manual for Chronomark Smartwatch, which is to be included in the collector's edition of Starfield;
  2. The watch offers quite a few features, including a pedometer, flashlight, and weather station;
  3. Bethesda has not shared any official information; details on the watch's availability will be provided later on.

Reddit user SquiddyVonn discovered that Starfield's collector's edition will most likely come with a watch - the Chronomark Smartwatch. It will be manufactured by The Wand Company, and the manual for the device (admittedly in a rather truncated form) is already available online.

The Chronomark Smartwatch no doubt refers to the term Bethesda used for the collector's edition. This is because it is called Chronomark, and the design of the box has already appeared several times in videos about Starlink. What's more, in one of the materials - specifically in "The Journey Begins", which appeared on Bethesda's channel last year - you can see the watch itself.

The smartwatch will offer quite a range of features. It will will act as a pedometer, a handy weather station (will show the current atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity) or a flashlight. We will also be able to read notifications from our phone, which will be connected via Bluetooth.

Starfield Collectors Edition May Include Smartwatch - picture #1
The number of options indicates that collectors will get quite a useful gadget, Source:

The Wand Company has experience in creating items related to video games, including Bethesda's productions. The company is responsible for the replica of the Pip Boy, which was included in the collector's edition of Fallout 4. In addition, the British manufacturer also created Pokeballs and the Bluetooth communicator from Star Trek.

Starfield Collectors Edition May Include Smartwatch - picture #2
The watch looks quite nice, Source:

The release of Starfield is scheduled for November 11 this year, so collectors will have to wait a little longer for their watch. Keep in mind, however, that the smartwatch is a premature discovery of a single fan - so far it hasn't been officially announced. Therefore, we will only know details about its availability after some time.

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