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News video games 08 January 2022, 18:16

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Hogwarts Legacy Release May Come "Sooner than We Think”

After the alleged withdrawal of Hogwarts Legacy from The Game Awards 2021, there is a chance that we will finally see a trailer of the game. At least according to a reliable source, who also says that the Harry Potter game will be released this year.

It's been a long time since Hogwarts Legacy was announced in 2020, and while the developers have not been silent throughout that time, we still haven't seen much of the game. However, there is a chance that we will finally get to play this big Harry Potter game. And that, we quote, might happen "sooner than we think". According to an internet user known as AccountNGT Hogwarts Legacy is already nearing completion and Warner Bros. may be getting ready for the game's launch in the third quarter of 2022.

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Just a reminder that any unofficial reports should be treated as nothing more than rumors until confirmed - even if you're dealing with a relatively reliable source, which is the case here. After all, it was AccountNGT who uploaded an image from Star Wars: Eclipse, announced in December, a week before the game's official reveal.

Regarding Hogwarts Legacy, the source claims that Warner Bros. intends to remind players of this game "early this year". This will most probably be in the form of a gameplay trailer that will showcase characters' abilities. AccountNGT also mentioned the multiplayer mode. This will most likely feature some quidditch-like mini-games.

Hogwarts Legacy Release May Come Sooner than We Think” - picture #1

It is worth recalling that before this year's edition of The Game Awards there was some mentions of a show presenting Hogwarts Legacy during the ceremony. This was also confirmed by the organizers' tweet. However, nothing came out of it. Warner Bros. reportedly cancelled the game's presentation at the last minute and replaced it with a trailer of Wonder Woman by Monolith Productions.

At least that's what insider Millie Amand claimed, who also said that WB's decision was due to the reception of the previous trailer. That one was released at a time when J.K. Rowling was under fire for her allegedly transphobic online statements. This backfired on Hogwarts Legacy and now the company apparently is "very cautious when it comes to this game". Probably for the same reason, the creators somehow don't seem too eager to reveal anything new about the game.

Once again, we suggest being cautious about any unofficial reports. If AccountNGT is right, we should get confirmation of his information in the coming months. Yes, twelve months ago Warner Bros. itself announced the release date for Hogwarts Legacy to be 2022. But since then there's been almost no mention of the game: only the departure of one of the developers and the game's no-show at E3 2021.

One might also ask whether Warner Bros. will actually decide to launch three big-budget games within a single year. After all, WB Games Montreal's Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League from Rocksteady Studios are also scheduled for 2022. Not to mention smaller (?) games like MultiVersus. Clearly, the publisher is preparing a rich year for the fans.

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